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January 5, 2017

Shaw Island Library and Historical Society
Tuesdays: 2-4
Thursdays: 11-1
Saturdays: 10-12 & 2-4

New Year's Eve Cocktail Party 2016:
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Letter from the President

With holidays fast approaching, your board is busy planning a fun New Year's Eve gathering, working on securing speakers for the coming year, and otherwise attending to immediate and long-term needs of the library and historical society. Some of the important initiatives we have identified are outlined in our annual letter, below, provided here for those of you who prefer electronic correspondence.

As noted, your volunteer and financial support is needed and greatly appreciated. 

Kind regards,



As our 50th Anniversary celebration fades to memory, the initiatives it spurred continue:   the library's new on-line search database is building (over 4,000 of our books and DVDs are already catalogued); electronic archiving of the museum's collection will be in full swing over the next year; and folks are stepping forward to document more of our community's rich history.  These projects exemplify the power of volunteers and donors united around common values. 

You play a critical role in our organization's success.  While volunteers are one of our greatest assets, financial support is also vital.  Last year, the New Year's Eve auction and generous donations made throughout the year allowed us to upgrade our electrical (lighting) system, invest in archiving equipment for the historical collection, and make significant additions to our book and DVD collections with only a modest draw-down of reserves.

This year, without benefit of a fundraising event, donations will be our primary source of income. Membership dues and investments will total less than $2,000 and normal operating expenses will be about $23,000.  Additionally, we need to replace the library's old baseboard heating system (it's inefficient and something of a fire hazard) and plan to purchase new display cases for the museum to better present and preserve historical documents and artifacts. 

Shaw islanders have an amazing history of giving generously to the library and historical society, and we are hopeful that your donations will once again cover our expenses. Gifts at every level make a difference and all are tax deductible!  The Shaw Island Library & Historical Society is so much more than a collection of books and artifacts; as a resource for lifelong learning and a vehicle for sharing information and ideas, it enriches our lives and strengthens our community.

              "The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.

                                                                                                    Ralph W. Sockman

On behalf of our board of directors, thank you very much for your support. And on behalf of my late mother-in-law, Geb Nichols, "Read on"!

Best regards,

Caryn A. Buck

President, for the Board: Doug Crosby, Lorrie Harrison, Gary Lange, Alex MacLeod, Tina Hilen Mandt, Jan Sanburg, Annette Smith and Corinne Story

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